About Us

School of Pure and Applied Sciences

Welcome to the School of pure and applied sciences, one of the six academic schools in Karatina University. The School is structured into three academic departments namely, Biological and Physical sciences, Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science and the Computer Science and informatics.

The school recognizes the need to train competent professionals who will contribute towards development of the country into a newly industrializing middle income economy by the year 2030. In order to optimally contribute towards this national Agenda, the school offers training in a wide range of disciplines that include Biological sciences, Physical Sciences, information communication technology, Mathematics and Actuarial Science. The training is offered through postgraduate and undergraduate academic programmes hosted in respective academic departments.

Graduates of these programmes are equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills to identify scientific problems, design solutions to those problems, plan and execute appropriate interventions, in line with the national priorities and emerging issues. The academic programmes have been developed with an intention of making them competitive while maintaining high standards that meet the demands of the job market, and addressing emerging technological developments. Information communication technology and entrepreneurial skills have been integrated in our programmes to give our graduates leverage in the dynamic and competitive job market.